Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Update 2

I'm starting to think that my Estate Agents go from their office into their staff room to salivate over a cork notice board with a big headline This Week's Sale, and a photo of me underneath it. They make me feel like Royalty.

Good afternoon, Mr Back, have a seat, cup of coffee, packet of Plain Chocolate HobNobs, please wipe your shoes on my expensive suit, can I mop your brow with this old copy of Property News?, oh do have some cake or I could peel you a grape or two?, please be aware that we may be letting off Party Poppers in a moment (we wouldn't want to make you jump with the sudden noise!), thank you for breathing oxygen in the same building as us, take care since we would not want you to trip upon these palm fronds and rose petals our receptioniste is strewing before your path, may I prostrate myself before you?, please receive these flowers/certificates/shredded overstock of Mortgage Application Forms, and thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anyone would think I was the only source of income they had for this week.

And they may very well be right.


Tim De Marco said...

Fantastic blog! Conjurs such an image!

Andy said...

when do you move? did you manage to book the centre?

Andy Back said...

Moving date not yet finalised, but leaving do booked at the centre; I think you've already said you're planning to be there! (I'll nudge you on Facebook to make sure, because it would be great if you can come, my friend)