Saturday, 6 December 2008

And another thing...

Third in a series on noticing stuff when you should be concentrating

As I approached the CCK church building in good time for the early morning prayer time today, I noticed a small puddle of liquid on the pavement. Scattered around this was the remains of a glass bottle; an extra virgin olive oil bottle. The tell-tale aroma wafted mouthwateringly and I wondered if someone had dropped their shopping and lost this precious liquid.

Then my imagination kicked in and I started to see it as perhaps the detritus from a failed torching attack on the church building from some sexually abstinant macrobiotic-wholemeal/health/fairly-traded pressure group who had made a feeble sub-Molotov Cocktail... (Molot-olive Cocktoil?)

But in the end it seemed more likely it was the last remaining evidence of members of an highly over-spiritualised hit & run squad, who had been participants in some bizarre drive-by attempted healing service.


mo.stoneskin said...

But "extra virgin"? Surely just standard olive oil would suffice for any form of annointing or healing ceremonies? I think it is more likely that an oiloholic was sitting there the night before, guzzling more oil than the nation during Ramsay's cookalong.

Anonymous said...

Truly, the mind of Back is a very, very strange place... ;)