Friday, 13 March 2009

Another day, another bit of British Manufacturing

Hallo everyone. Sorry I've been a little bit quiet, but I've been keeping shtum for so long so that you can join with me in experiencing the long wait I've had for my new sofas to arrive.

And here they are.Prada 3-seater in Mocha leather, along with a Collins 2-seater in a similar but different leather.

Wrong style (actually, a bit nicer, but not the one I ordered as it
wasn't the one in the sale).

Meanwhile, the delivery man said I can treat them as my own and they will deliver a matching pair in the fullness of time – hopefully not 11 weeks, but it doesn't matter since these are mine to use and sit upon and lie upon and cuddle upon (with a bit of luck, smoothness & co-operation...)

Upstairs, thanks to the previous weeks' delivery, and a near-superhuman effort on my part in construction, deconstruction, construction, fiddling, changing, deconstruction and construction – mostly down to unclear instructions and my inexperience – there is now a double bed in the double bedroom, which is lovely and fills the space rather well.

Thus I am open for guests. Form an orderly queue, no pushing, no shouting.

I've been making friends here, which hasn't been difficult, since I'm so gregarious and the people here are so in need of someone older, wiser, more spiritual and with a natty line in tasteful remarks. The Alpha course has been a good thing to do, as I've been thrown in at the deep end with some guests, as well as having the privilege of working with some excellent team-mates. Tomorrow I am giving the How to be Filled with Holy Spirit talk at the awayday. On Sunday I'm attending the How to Join the Church afternoon. I'll become a member officially once the form is signed, I guess.

First guest arrives on Tuesday, as HD pops in to take us both to see MFIT in Abergavenny. So, life here in Birmingham is busy, exciting, spiritually challenging, and has at least three items of furnture on which I can relax (two of them to the point of unconciousness).

Meanwhile, I've discovered a lovely bunch of people in my Life Group, which is larger than feasable and more friendly than a really friendly place. The standard practice is to each bring elements of a meal, which is consumed with gusto and garlic bread, usually, amid fellowship, chatter, laughter and caring concern. After the notices, someone will review the sermon from Sunday and ask some questions (frankly, questions of variable quality, I have to say) and then someone else will lead us into worship (with guitar or CDs) this is followed by prayertime.

I have also joined the local Fat Boy Club, to try to do a bit of course correction as my manly frame was tending towards the bloater phase once again. I have met three really decent chaps and the LighterLife Coach, who is a bit of a mystery. Recent careful action on my part has resulted in the loss of a stone.

Well, that's enough chatting for now.


Andy said...

very impressive. will you be buying a pet?

Andy Back said...

Cat - no (lazy, claws, selfish, unloving, expensive to buy, expensive to keep, threat to security via catflap, cat litter stinks, biblical symbol of evil).

Dog - no (claws, expensive to keep, smelly, intrusive).

Hawk - no (claws, unloving).

Frog Spawn - no (lack of facilities, unloving).

Snake - no (gives me the willies).

Goldfish - maybe (cheap, needs little maintanance).

Julie said...

how about having a budgie? It can't share cuppa tea with you, but it won't squak at you --

Andy Back said...

Budgie - cheap, but cheep, cheep all blimmin' day long. Trill is expensive, probably. It might be fun to teach it to talk. 'How much is that doggy in the wondow, Budgie?' 'Cheep!'

Al Shaw said...

Under dog, should you need an additional reason, you could of course mention that thing they do with their noses.