Monday, 20 April 2009

A prayer for growth

And all God's people said 'Saxifrage', although some said 'Aubretia' (actually, they pronounced it 'Or-bresher'). While others muttered 'Fuschia bush plants'. The rest simply wondered with wonderment at the potting compost.


Andy said...

i can hear the grass grow

Andy Back said...

Yeah, yeah, mowing tomorrow, probably. Just didn't have the gusto to do that as well today!

E. C. Rhodes said...

Part of me (probably the part that remembers your fine singing at 'Noah's Animals') was awaiting some lyrical reference to "Gus the gardner", or a mournful comment along the lines of "the fuchsia's gone, I couldn't face the fuchsia all alone", but, alas, it was not to be. May the music of Benny Hill replace the theme of the Great Escape in your head, and may your grass grow slowly!

Andy Back said...

AS I recall, the verse went
But Gus the Gardener's left now
And you went with him too;
The fungus there reminds me
Of the fun Gus is having with you.
The rockery's a mockery;
With weeds it's overgrown.
The fuschia's gone; now I can't face
The fuschia all alone...
And my tears fell like rain drops
From the sky above,
And poisoned all the flowers
In my garden of love.

But it's too sad for a NewFrontiers Blogger, don't you think?

E. C. Rhodes said...

Yes, it is a little on the tragic side. Unfortunately, I can't think of any other Benny Hill songs which are likely to be more appropriate.